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International & American Student Alliance (IASA)
at the University of Mississippi

International Students

American Students

We're here to help you connect with American and other International students at Ole Miss, as well as to help you improve your English skills and cultural awareness.
We're here to help you connect with people from around the world to build global friendships, as well as to help them with English skills and adjusting to life in Oxford.

Upcoming Events

IASA Coordinates
  1. Global Engagement Nights
    Global Engagement Nights
    Learn more about the world and its various countries/cultures through presentations
  2. Sports & Athletic Events
    Sports & Athletic Events
    Enjoy playing sports like Basketball and Soccer with friends from around the world
  3. Social Events
    Social Events
    Meet new people and experience American Culture
  4. Cross-Cultural Events
    Cross-Cultural Events
    Learn more about the many different countries represented at Ole Miss
  5. Community Service
    Community Service
    Meet people from around the world coming together to serve the LOU community