Conversation Partners Program

Conversation Partners are student representatives of the university who help international exchange, Intensive English Program (IEP) students, and international degree-seeking students acclimate to life in Oxford. Conversation Partners meet  with their international student partners for approximately an hour each week to talk informally about any topics that they are both interested in. It is up to them to decide when and where they meet, although some popular ideas include having lunch/coffee, going on short trips, or watching university

This program is beneficial for both sides. It helps international students become more comfortable in speaking English by providing them with a casual setting in which they can practice it. They can also learn about American culture and gain a perspective on what it is like to be a student at an American university, including academic and social components.

The program also gives current Ole Miss students the opportunity to get-to-know a person from another country, and to learn about another culture without leaving Oxford! It also allows them to share their own experinece at the university and to gain a more global perspective. In addition, students who are learning a second language are typically able to participate in language exchanges with partners who are native speakers of that language. However, we do ask that partners balance the use of both English and the international student's native lanugage (if applicable), so that both partners are able to benefit.

All of these benefits do come with some expectations that we have for our Conversation Partners to ensure the success of this program.

Expectations of Conversation Partners

  • Assist new international students during Welcome Week (the week before classes begin) in getting acquainted with life in America and at Ole Miss as able
  • Initiate and maintain contact with partner(s) throughout the semester and meet regularly, around once a week as possible (you and your partner will schedule these meetings for whichever time works best for both of you)
  • Complete the monthly check-in to let us know how things are going between you and your partner(s)
  • Attend monthly Conversation Partner meetings as able
  • Attend at least 6 IASA organized events throughout the semester (ex: welcome week activities, sports activities, Global Engagement nights, social events, etc.)

Those interested are welcome to apply at any time prior to the start of the semester in which they are applying for; however, the earlier a person applies, the more likely that they will be paired with someone from their culture of interest.

For questions or more information about this program, please contact
Pranaya Shrestha at [email protected]
Current American/International
Students (Mentors)
Current Conversation Partners
Renewing  (Mentors)
New International Students