International Neighbors Program
(Host Family)

The International Neighbors (Host Family) program pairs local Families with new International students at the University of Mississippi. Each participating family is paired with one to four international student(s)  (families can choose how many partners they have) to meet for at least five times over the course of the semester. These meetings can include anything from the family inviting their partner to their home for a meal to going on a shopping trip to Memphis. This is based on the interests and availability of both the families and their international partners.

The International Neighbors Program is beneficial for both sides. It helps international students meet new people, make connections in the local community, and learn more about American culture through a family's perspective. Participating families have the opportunity to meet international students from around the world, learn more about their cultures, and to share their own culture with them.

All of these benefits do come with some expectations that we have for our International Neighbors to ensure the success of this program.

Expectations of International Neighbors Families

  • Complete the brief virtual orientation for the program to provide you with general information and advice for having an effective partnership
  • Initiate and maintain contact with partner(s) throughout the semester and meet at least five times (you and your partner will schedule these meetings for whichever time works best for both of you)
  • Complete the monthly check-in to let us know how things are going between you and your partner(s)
  • Attend the International Neighbor event at the beginning and end of the semester to welcome and say goodbye to your partner(s), as able to

The application for the Fall 2018 and Spring 2019 semesters is now open. There is currently no deadline to sign-up for each semester; however, the sooner your family signs up, the sooner you all can meet your partner and the more likely that you will be paired with someone from your culture of interest.

For questions or more information about this program, please contact
Kelly Slater at [email protected] or Shaila Collins at [email protected]
Families Apply Here
International Students Apply Here